• CEO

    The President and Founder of Tecton, took over the idea of creating the company in September of 2006. The vast experience acquired through his life, especially in the dimension stone industry, forged his skills and character to lead and serve with respect his clients, employees and suppliers.

  • Operational Department

    The operational department is in charge of different kind of operations, searching constantly the corrects methods to realize the combination between the performance on our services and the needs of our customers.

  • Marketing Department

    The marketing department has promoted the company’s materials on national and international market with the aim to keep the relationship between customers and company.

  • Financial Department

    It's the Tecton’s heart, thus, administrates the financial resources of company. Works in partnership with all departments, realizes the auditing in the administrative proceedings and preserves the financial stability focusing on excellent results.
Tecton - Comércio Exterior LTDA. Veja no google maps
Praça Getúlio Vargas - 35 - Sala 1121
Centro - Vitória/ ES - Brasil
CEP 29010-360
Tel.: +55 (27) 3223-6144
Fax.: +55 (27) 3222-7845
[email protected]
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