Tecton Comércio Exterior is a Brazilian Trading Company. Located in Vitoria, capital of Espírito Santo – region that has ornamental stones recognized in worldwide for the nobility and quality. 

10 years in the market, Tecton searches to explore new opportunities, always with the intention of meeting the needs and expectations of their customers. The company has an extensive know-how of the Asian market. With transparency and reliability, Tecton keeps commercial relations of reciprocity with several countries, especially with China and Taiwan.
The materials currently sellers at international market accepts in its surface several types of finishing, like polished, brushed, sandblasted, flamed and hammered slabs and rough blocks. In decor, all of them are recommended for, indoor and outdoors areas and can be used in flooring, sinks, vanity tops, footers, walls, facades and general. (See more details in this page: Granites)

Tecton strives to meet the needs of their clients by offering them materials and quality services to work with logistics coordination streamlining operations for businesses of their clients become possible. Thus, the company knowing the laws and regulations of brazilian trade, has established on the market, advising companies wishing to import or to make contact with foreign companies.

With a strong belief that planet earth sustains us all, Tecton is aware of the impacts economic activities brings on to the planet. Tecton cares to comply with all environmental laws and regulations and take measures to assure its activities to have minimal impact in nature.

Tecton - Comércio Exterior LTDA. Veja no google maps
Praça Getúlio Vargas - 35 - Sala 1121
Centro - Vitória/ ES - Brasil
CEP 29010-360
Tel.: +55 (27) 3223-6144
Fax.: +55 (27) 3222-7845
[email protected]
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